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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The JourNey Of My Life..

ha..haz kena wat haz dew selitkan something tuk geng2 faci:

My name is Nur Hazni Binti Hazman. I was born in 1st June 1988 at Taiping, Perak and that makes me 22 years old on this year. I am living together with my family at Sungai Buloh, Selangor from year 2001 till now. My father’s name is Hazman Bin Hashim and my mother’s is Rahmah Binti Ali. I am the only daugther in my family. I’m a motivated person, not easily give up, positive thinking and can accept any pressure. I believe that studies are indispensable for my future career development and will give benefit for my whole life.

After graduated at Sultan Idris Shah Polytechnic, Sabak Bernam for three years in major of Programming in field of Information Technology, i got an offer to further my studies as well as to realize my dream as a student in Degree level. In Diploma level, titled to be as the best student is a dream to all student whether in public or private institution of higher learning. Hence, a variety of strategies were made during this study duration, and that make the biggest challenge to get the good result or best score in every semester and keep up the excellent performance in class. My successful internship is one element of my overall academic success as an undergraduate in here. Yet , i also joining a variety of extracurricular activities and involvement in activity that organized by college.

Before i go to UPM, i had degree level at Kolej Polytech Mara Kuala Lumpur for 1 semester. It’s definately makes me a big decision to quited studied at there. A lot of things i had learnt. For example, i was joined in facilatator group for july intake. On this orientation day was conduted for 4 days including registration day.As a facilitator, we must take care of new student for 3 days and guide them before they start go to classes. My facilitator teams and i waked up early morning which is some of stayed at hostel and walk along with student. It’s the best moment that i had it. Unfortunately i lost my voice on orientation day for 1 months. Maybe bad weather and a lot of student was not in well. At the same time, i was assigned to care for sick students and gived them some medicine such as panadol and other else. The best part , they called me a doraemon because i cant spoke very well and had a very fine voice. But i never angry with them and just smiled only. The impact that i had seen was we just like one family and every task had be given,we do it together. When i got called from my father and he told me i can futher my studies at UPM, i never told them. 2 days before i go to UPM i told them about this. Some facilitator gived a good feedback and some not. And now, i’m missed them so much. Sometimes i cried in the middle of nights because remember the memories with them. Everyday i chat with them on facebook and talked many of things. It was my best journey that i had.

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